Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pictures of Mimi and Her Home

This is my lovely mother, Charlotte Duerr Reit Seager, aka "Mimi".

This is Mimi's house. She grew up on this dairy farm in central NY, that her father built. She loved this house and area so much, when she retired from teaching HS Home Economics, she and my father moved back to her childhood home.

A picture of the beautiful country road that she lived on.

A picture of the pond by her house, where we spent a lot of time enjoying ourselves over many years together as a family.
This is a picture of Mom and Dad on August 20th, 2007. It is their 52nd wedding anniversary and John and I made them a special dinner at our house to celebrate. She looks tired to me. This is approximately 30 days before she was diagnosed with GBM and about 2 1/2 months before she passed away.

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